HNSHMC. Rajkot


  • The department is well equipped with a museum, lecture room, and HOD room. Charts and a qualitative Departmental library. The Teachers are very much focused on developing student interest in the subject and making them aware of basis of science of Homoeopathy by providing insights into the fundamental principles. Life histories of different Pioneers of Homoeopathy are taught whose contributions have made Homoeopathy touch new heights in medical science.

  • The Department has been very active in conducting various seminars and presentations on OHP and L.C.D projector thus helping the students in learning and developing command over the subject. Clinical classes, tutorials, group discussions, seminars and bedside clinical classes are held regularly with the help of audio-visual aid. Besides its everyday teaching activities the Department of Organon of Medicine of this college is also participating in seminars and workshops regularly.


  • The seminars, workshops and Tutorials are conducted regularly by the Department. The department also works for the sake of awareness of homoeopathy for society
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